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SSDP, students drog policy association

How to Join

How to Join SSDP International?

All students and young people passionate about drug policy reform and harm reduction are welcome to apply to join SSDP International. If there is a chapter nearby, we will put you in touch with the local chapter leader. If not, we can help you start up SSDP in your community. We have two types of membership: 1. Chapters - groups of people, and 2. Ambassadors - individuals.

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Both follow the same process to get started:

  • Fill out the sign-up form
  • Schedule a call with a team member
  • Hold your first meeting (chapters only)
  • Set up a leadership structure (chapters only)
  • Create a plan & send it to a team member
ssdp intl - SSDP - Page

Once you follow all these steps you will be made an official chapter or ambassador and can get started! Once set up, you will be added to our Chapter Leader Newsletter where you will be informed of all the opportunities and goings-on of SSDP International. You will be asked to check in with your team member regularly to give updates on your activities. 

Remember the team is always there to support you, so feel free to reach out if you need anything!

ssdp intl - SSDP - Page
ssdp intl - SSDP - Page
ssdp intl - SSDP - Page
ssdp intl - SSDP - Page