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SSDP, students drog policy association

United Nations Training Series

An intensive training series dedicated to preparing students and young people to engage in United Nations Drug Policy development & implementation.

800 $

Pledged - 10 000 $ goal

SSDP International in conjunction with SSDP Foundation has represented students and young people who use drugs at the United Nations through our Special Consultative Status for almost 10 years. During this time members of SSDP have made countless statements to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs regarding the need for youth representation, better harm reduction policies and all drug decriminalisation. Alongside this SSDP was one of the founding members of the Paradigma Coalition, which consists of youth organisations from around the world dedicated to the human rights of those involved in the drug industry and harm reduction. As a result of their work, many of our members have gone on to work for some of the biggest drug policy reform organisations and continue to advocate for the rights of people who use drugs at the United Nations to this day. 

ssdp intl - SSDP - Project - United Nations Training Series

Program Description

The UN Training Series consists of our Youth Advocacy at the United Nations Handbook and a webinar series. The program is designed on the basis of addressing 3 core competencies: 1 Knowledge, 2. Skills & 3. Stakeholder Engagement. With these 3 competencies, young people will be prepared to engage in UN decision-making regarding drugs. 


  • Mechanisms & Processes of the UN (2 sessions)
  • Networking (2 regional sessions)
  • Public Speaking Workshop
  • Best Civil Society Practices
  • Resolution Analysis Workshop


ssdp intl - SSDP - Project - United Nations Training Series

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