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SSDP, students drog policy association


Here you'll find resources and toolkits developed by SSDP International and allied organisations. Are we missing something? Reach out and let us know!

This leaflet was developed in collaboration with the West African Drug Policy Network, Paroles Autour de la Santé, the Association of Progress Youth Liberia, Support. Don't Punish and Students for Sensible Drug Policy International (Liberia). 

The leaflet is one of the first of its kind in Liberia and intends to provide low-threshold harm reduction advice to people who use drugs in the country. 

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The second edition of "Drug Policy Reform at the United Nations: A Youth Advocacy Handbook" (2021) was authored by Iulia Vatau and edited by Róisín Downes. 

The first edition of "Drug Policy Reform at the United Nations: A Youth Advocacy Handbook" (2020) was originally authored by Orsi Fehér and edited by Róisín Downes.

Traditionally a core resource to the training of SSDP members participating at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), the Handbook provides an accessible introduction to the workings of UN institutions and ways civil society can get involved in decision making. From tips and tricks for inside and outside track advocacy to key action alerts, the Handbook has been the starting point for every SSDPer willing to venture into the ups and downs of international drug policy. 

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A list of Days of Action chapters and activists can use to advance their advocacy and harm reduction efforts. International Days of Action are a great opportunity to engage policy and decision-makers about the intersectional aspects of drug policy. Some days that are central to the SSDP International calendar are Support. Don't Punish Global Day of Action (June 26th), International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31st) & World Health Day (April 7th). 

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Co-Authors: Róisín Downes, Iulia Vatau, Orsi Feher, Liza Begum, Beatrix Vas, Axel Bilbao, Alex Akin, & Alex Quan.

Through this Response, we offer some key suggestions and insights that would help to strengthen the utility of the report as a policy-informing document for member states and advocates alike. Particularly, the Response looks in-depth at young people and cannabis risk perceptions, the distinction between legal and illegal markets, as well as harm reduction services during the pandemic. While we hold in high regard the commitment of the international community towards these key themes, we hope that our observations add much-needed nuance to the conversation.

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